Sage Hummus

Shout out to Dinner of Herbs for this amazing Recipe for Sage Hummus! Yum

Dinner of Herbs

Sage Hummus

I intended to make rosemary-flavoured hummus.

Now, I love rosemary.  It has a perfect warm, comforting flavour that makes even soup worth eating.  Evidently I love rosemary a little too much, because I am out.  I actually finished the whole bottle.  This is a first for me!  I think I have now earned the right to the title of this blog: Dinner of Herbs.  (Or should I make it “Dinner of Herb”, since I focus so much on a single herb?)

So what’s the next best thing?  Sage.

If you cannot tell from several of my recent recipes, I am loving my new little food processor.  How ever did I live so long without one?

This is a pretty typical hummus recipe that goes great as a dip with raw vegetables, crackers, or spread on bread.  I’ve also seen some recipes for vegetable pizza that use hummus instead of tomato…

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