Who dat! Who dat!

imageAllow me to introduce myself, my name is Michael and Health and wellness has always been a priority in my life. What first began as an outlet to escape from boring TV shows and nagging chores soon became my passion in life. Just having fun in a world of street basketball, sandlot baseball, football and most recreational sports eventually evolved into participating and excelling in scholastic sports. Being a student athlete opened my eyes to my ability to improve and change my athletic ability and body through strength and conditioning. It was then that I made the choice to prioritize health and wellness. It is a choice that I must commit to daily. Like most people, it is a choice that at times is more difficult to make than others, but ultimately, it is a choice I make so that I can continue to be not only an athlete, but also a loving son, devoted husband, dependable father, and loyal friend. It is a choice that has also sculpted my body into one that will accept nothing less than success. It would be very selfish of me to continue this experience all to myself so I choose to share and teach the ones who want this desire more than I do.

Nine years ago, I started my personal training career. I worked for a huge national chain gym and gained knowledgeable experience in getting the results for all my fitness clients, learning how to successfully manage a fitness business, and how to provide undeniable customer service with clientele management. Since then, I have had the opportunity to take my skills to other commercial gyms in different states and have continued to remain very successful. In addition, I have been blessed to have had the work along side Physical Therapists and Sports Therapists who have been wonderful colleagues that have been open to learning from each other while sharing our passion for health. The professional relationships I have built in my career are the building blocks to my foundation of fitness knowledge in addition to the many certifications I have earned. My knowledge in the field of fitness has also progressed every year. I incorporate what I have learned from own personal experiences and my clients’ successful journeys along with the latest teaching in scientific literature and the newest in fitness technology to develop a practical application customized for each individual client.

Through my blog I want to share with you my personal journey of strength, health, and wellness. To show and prove to you that this journey can be just as challenging to me as it is to all of you, and I hope my perseverance, and diligence continues to inspire you to be consistent as well.

I will also post as many informative material as my mind and continued research can muster. As well as client success stories and testimonials. I don’t claim I know everything, one important piece of information I’ve learned over the years of personal training is that your knowledge never ends. You always strive to learn new things because we all know the industry is filled with information. Wether its valid or misleading I want to know about it and give my non bias opinion on them.

I hope you enjoy my posts, I hope you continue to follow me, and I hope you suggest my posts to other members and friends. So lets buckle up and let the good times role!